Archie - A Pilot in RAF Bomber Command

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Photo: L Druce

This web site is about William Bruce Archibald, Bruce to his family and 'Archie' to those who knew him in the RAF, who was a pilot in RAF Bomber Command during WW2. It covers various aspects of his time in the RAF including pilot training, the squadrons he flew with, the aircraft he flew and some of the bombing raids that he flew on. These include the December 1941 raids against the German Battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the Spring 1942 raids against the German Battleship Tirpitz, which was the final operation that Archie flew. It is by no means a complete history of the man or the times, but more a glimpse at some of the aspects of his life in the RAF. I hope to continue updating and improving the site as time permits and more information comes to light.

William Bruce Archibald joined the RAF in 1936 as an Accounts Clerk, trained as a Pilot in 1940 and on March 31st 1942 the aircraft he was flying was shot down with the loss of all onboard during a bombing raid on the German BattleshipTirpitz which was lying in a Norwegian fjord. He died leaving behind a wife and one year old daughter.

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